Domestic Violence

Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is threats, physical- or sexual assault, battery or any other type of abusive behavior within a home between two intimate partners.

Disturbing Statistics

It was estimated recently that 33% of women in California and 27% of men experience some or other form of this in their lifetimes.   In a single day, as much as 6 000 women and children can be served in domestic violence shelters in this state. A forcible rape occurs every 56 minutes.

You’ve Been Accused.  Now What?

Domestic Violence charges are some of the most difficult to fight.  With statistics like those above, Prosecutors and judges don’t want to stick their neck out to help you, just in case you did do it.  That’s where Frias Law Firm can help.  You need an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney to help you fight your case.  Frias Law Firm can help put together the evidence that’s favorable to you and call into question the statements of those that accused you.  Not every person accused is guilty, and not every accuser is a victim.

Frias Law Firm Is Here For You

What can Frias Law Firm do against these overwhelming statistics and horrible abuse?  Not much in the greater sense.   But, we can be there for you.

We pride ourselves on our friendly staff and our ability to look at each case as if it is the first one we have ever seen.  We will stand by your side.   Let us take on domestic violence – one case, one person at a time.  You need someone to be your voice and to bring the truth to light.  Frias Law Firm can be there for you.

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