Sex Crimes

The Definition Of A Sex Crime

A sex crime is any transgression that has a sexual nature.

The continuum is vast:  on the one hand, a sex crime can be to expose yourself in public, but it can also be to force yourself on someone.

And then there is anything in between: the sexual abuse of children, lewd conduct, possession of child pornography, date rape and oral copulation by force.

The Consequences Of A Sex Crime

You can face a serious amount of jail time for a sex crime.

A conviction can also mean that you must register as a sex offender on the California Meagan’s Law website.   You would not be able to remove your name from this register.

A sex offense will follow you to a possible new job – you have to disclose the conviction on all future job applications.   Most sex offenders in California also cannot possess a firearm.

If you or a loved one are facing charges for Solicitation, Sexual Assault, Indecent Exposure, Lewd Acts in Public, Lewd Acts with a Minor Child or Rape, you need Frias Law Firm on your side.How Can Frias Law Firm Help You?

An experienced California criminal defense lawyer will know of all the possible defenses that are available to you in your specific situation.   We can argue that you were falsely accused or that no actual sexual contact occurred.   We offer a free, private consultation at Frias Law Firm and we will discuss all the possible options that are open to you.

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What Is Solicitation?

Solicitation in this context is the offering of payment for a service that is prohibited by law. It is the offering of money to someone (usually a prostitute) to have sex.

Interestingly, the actual deed needs not to have taken place for someone to be charged with solicitation. When a prostitute offers you her services and you offer her money in return, the crime of solicitation has taken place.  Only the intent must be there to follow through on the offer.

The Worst Part

You can get a hefty fine or spend some time in jail if arrested for solicitation.   But, for most people, this is not the worst part.   The worst is the impact this can have on your personal and professional life.

You will need an experienced criminal attorney on your side to get your charges dismissed, or at the very least reduced.   At Frias Law Firm, we will investigate all of the circumstances of your arrest to develop your defense.   Perhaps you were entrapped.   Perhaps there was some miscommunication or your Miranda rights were violated.  We will look at all of these possible scenarios.

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Sexual Assault

Falsely Accused

Sexual assault is a serious offense.   Unfortunately, some do not fully understand the implications of a false accusation.  It can literally ruin someone else’s life.

Take It Seriously

You should take any accusation seriously.   Immediately write down as many details of the situation you can remember.   Compile a list of witnesses that would be willing to back up your version of the story.

Don’t try to explain anything to anyone.   It can be used against you in court.   You have the right to remain silent, so use it.

Contact us, here at Frias Law Firm immediately if someone falsely accuses you of sexual assault within California.   Our conversations will be privileged.   We can help you deal with any threats, speak to law enforcement on your behalf and protect you from perhaps incriminating yourself in any way.

Time is of the essence.   You must protect yourself and lessen the impact that any false accusations can have.   We will work with diligence to protect you from a false accusation.

You will need an experienced and diligent criminal defense attorney familiar with these types of cases to help bring the truth out.

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Indecent Exposure


Seen as one of the lesser crimes in sex crimes, indecent exposure still may have serious consequences for someone in California and Orange Country.  The act is defined as deliberately being obscene in public or showing one’s private parts in public.   It can still carry serious consequences, including jail time and sex offender registration.

What Can I Do To Challenge Such A Charge?

There must have been an act of intent from the accused person and such intent must be proved.   Accidentally exposing yourself is not considered indecent exposure.

Often, the only evidence of such an act is witness testimony and/or circumstantial evidence. Your Orange County criminal lawyer with experience will often be able to show that guilt cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This will enable you to avoid a conviction.

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Lewd Acts in Public

What Constitutes ‘Lewd Acts’? 

California law defines ‘lewd’ as an act of touching your or someone else’s private parts, in public, without their consent.  The person who does it knows (or should know) that their attention is not welcome.

But Was It Lewd?

To be convicted of this charge, it must be proved by the prosecutor (beyond all reasonable doubt) that:

  • The accused person, in fact, touched someone else’s buttocks, genitals or breast
  • He did so with the intent to sexually arouse or gratify himself or to offend the other person
  • The defendant knew the specific person (and possibly, others) would be offended
  • It all happened in a public place

It Is A Minefield!  

Something that is seen as a lewd act by one person, may be acceptable to another.

It can also be that the accused person is unaware of how others felt about his behavior.   He did not think anyone would be offended by his actions.

If you or a loved one has been accused of lewd acts, your Orange County criminal defense lawyer here at Frais Law Firm will be able to look at all the facts and be able to give you the best advice.

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Lewd Acts With A Minor Child

Accusations Are Bad Enough!

 There aren’t any criminal charges that carry the shame, the stigma, the embarrassment that sex crime charges do. Sometimes, just being accused of a crime is enough to ruin your life.  However, when the crime you’re accused of is sexual in nature, it is far worse.  And even more severe, is if the alleged victim is a minor child.  Now you must face judgment, not just from the legal system, but from all your friends, family, loved ones and the community in general.

This Isn’t Our First Rodeo.

Ruben Frias has helped clients facing the most serious of sex offenses involving minor children for over 15 years.  It’s not just helpful to have an experienced criminal defense attorney helping you fight these charges, it’s mandatory.  With the serious consequences you’re facing, you can’t leave your defense to chance alone.

The Truth Shall Set You Free … But You Need To Find It First.

Many innocent children are traumatized by legitimate offenses against them.  However, often, people are falsely accused of these crimes because someone decided to seek out revenge, punishment, malice or some other ulterior motive.  An experienced Orange County Sex Crimes Attorney can help you put up your best defense and go through the evidence to find where it is lacking and to help disprove the allegations against you.

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Definition Of Rape

The crime of rape is when sexual intercourse happens by threats, force, fraud or with a victim who is unconscious or is incapable of giving consent.

Rape is not always just a forceful act.   A woman who is passed out after drinking too much can be raped.

Rape can happen within a marriage, or on a date. Children can be raped. Under Californian law, if someone forcefully penetrates you with a foreign object, it can also be an act of rape.

What If I am Innocent?

 People are often accused of rape when they are innocent.   Frias Law Firm can help you.  There are several possible defenses.

  • After examining your case, your criminal defense lawyer can find that someone falsely accused you. This is not uncommon.
  • It can also be your honest belief that the person accusing you gave you permission to have sex.
  • Your lawyer can argue that actual intercourse did not happen. There might have been physical contact, but no sex.
  • Sometimes, it can even be as simple as showing that the evidence to convict you is not enough.

It is imperative for you to contact your Orange County criminal defense attorney here at Frias Law Firm as soon as possible if you are being accused of rape.  You would need a skilled and experienced lawyer to investigate as soon as possible.

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